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Photographs by Chris and Sue Akrill

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Chris and Sue Akrill from East Riding Koi Company are members of the Bridlington & Wold's Morris Minor Owners Club. This year at the NEC in Birmingham at the Classic Car Show the MMOC Club Stand decided to dress up as Dads Army.

With Chris as Corporal Jones the butcher and Sue as Pikes Mum Mrs Mavis Pike.

As Chris had really thrown himself into the part of Corporal Jones by dyeing his hair and moustache they decided a brilliant way to memorialise "their time in the 1940's" would be to go to the Old Town in Bridlington and have some photos taken in costume, along with the buildings being used in the new film. By the way the Morris Minor Owners Club won the prize for the Best Themed Stand at the NEC in Birmingham. Chris and Sue have kindly allowed us to display their images in our Bridlington gallery.

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