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Photographs of Bridlington Priory

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Well worth a visit during any trip to Bridlington, Bridlington Priory is located near the Old Town area of Bridlington. The Priory was founded around 1113 by Walter de Gant, for Augustinian Canons Regular, one of the earliest Augustinian houses in England, with an adjoining convent. Its foundation was confirmed in charters by King Henry I of England.

The Priory has lots to see and enjoy and contains a lot of information about the history of Bridlington itself.There are activities to keep everyone entertained including the task of finding the Thompson mice and other animals around the Priory.

If you get the opportunity, try to speak to Barbara who is a volunteer at the Priory and a font of knowledge when it comes to Bridlington and the Priory as she is always  happy to pass on her knowledge and does so in a very entertaining way.

We have a wealth of information on Bridlington Priory in our History Section

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