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Old Bridlington Photographs and Postcards

A selection of old photographs and postcards depicting Bridlington of yesteryear. If you have any old images of Bridlington you would like to include within this section please do not hesitate to contact us at

  • Bridlington Seas in the 1930s  on

    Bridlington Seas in the 1930s

    This album has been viewed 1950 times.

    The following photographs have kindly been provided by Mr Gordon McIntosh of Northumberland.  

    They include a lifeboat,  a cliff rescue and egg climbers before the practice was stopped after the war.

    The photographs date from the 1930's. They came into Mr McIntoshes posession from his father Mr James McIntosh,

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  • Bridlington Postcards on

    Bridlington Postcards

    This album has been viewed 2594 times.

    Postcards depicting Bridlington of yesteryear, many over 100 years old. Once again we thank local author and historian Mike Wilson for his support of the history section and his provision of this collection of over one hundred Bridlington postcards.

    See how life and the town has changed over the last

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  • Bridlington Priory on

    Bridlington Priory

    This album has been viewed 1895 times.

    Photographs and Postcards of Bridlington Priory through the ages

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  • South Side of Bridlington on

    South Side of Bridlington

    This album has been viewed 2940 times.

    Old Photographs and postcards showing how Bridlington's south side has changed over the years. For clarity we have designated the north/side divide at the harbour.

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  • North Side of Bridlington on

    North Side of Bridlington

    This album has been viewed 2817 times.

    A selection of Images of Bridlington's north side showing many of the changes that have taken place over the years.

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