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The Moon Via Scotch Corner

Andy Hutchinson About the Author

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The Moon Via Scotch Corner
Published: January 2013
ISBN Number: 978-1291262506
Available as: Paperback
Genre: Humour
Number of Pages: 90

This book contains a collection of plays to amuse you, blogs to excite you and song lyrics to utterly bore you. It is reputed to have made a serving librarian laugh out loud but this cannot be confirmed.
At one point author Andy Hutchinson compares himself to an astronaut returning to earth, this in the context of a motorbike ride from Bridlington to Driffield and back.
In a play he is promoted by an Oil Terminal management from dreamer to visionary. Oh how we all wish we could work for them.
As a child the author became convinced that every journey other than those on foot took one via Scotch Corner. This came about as the family frequently travelled to Scotland via Scotch Corner. Does this make the author gullible or stupid. Well perhaps it makes him both. If you are both then go right ahead and buy this wonderful piece of beautifully written literature.

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