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Lost Lives

Val Creasey About the Author

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Lost Lives
Published: March 2013
ISBN Number: 978-1291351538
Available as: Paperback, Kindle
Genre: Drama
Number of Pages: 144

The daughter of the esteemed Lord and Lady George Feathersham, Sarah has led a privileged life growing up with her two brothers on the magnificent family estate known as Feathersham Manor. She had loved Michael Stapely since she was fourteen years old but their love had to remain a secret; her father disapproved of their relationship. On the night of brother Robert's wedding a freak accident changes her life forever. Blaming himself for her injuries and unable to live with the guilt, brother Jonathon disappears from the family home without trace. When war breaks out Sarah decides to look after a family of four children evacuated from London. When one of the children decides to run away, Sarah is horrified when she starts to relive a nightmare. It is not until one of the children finds a painting in the attic that her nightmare is realised, but nothing could prepare her for what happened next.

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