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Letters to my Catholic Friend

Mike Wilson About the Author

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Letters to my Catholic Friend
Published: May 2014
ISBN Number: 978-1-291-94513-3
Available as: Paperback
Genre: Religion
Number of Pages: 88

Mike Wilson is in conflict with his friend. His friend has continued to follow the Roman Catholic Church teachings, while Mike has become persuaded to join the atheist community. In his letters Mike's friend expresses his disappointment that his school pal is destined for a terrible afterlife, while Mike's letters to him express his delight in being free of the obligations of religion, which he refers to as his 'concrete overcoat.'

The two friends remain on speaking terms, but each is concerned about the other. This, says Mike, is how it should be, but he hopes his friend will read the responses to his concerns. Mike can understand his friend's reluctance to leave the church, admitting it took many years before he saw the light.

As well as Mike's letters, the book contains sayings from famous atheists, a selection of Mike's poetry and short plays on the subject, and a test to see if you live in the real world.

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