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Forever Loved

John Grosser About the Author

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Forever Loved
Published: ie July 2013
ISBN Number: 978-1-291-96950-4
Available as: Paperback
Genre: Drama
Number of Pages: 289

Do you believe in miracles?

Melanie Foster doesn't, though she is certainly in need of one. She has been suspended by her investment bank; the Prime Minister has denounced her in Parliament for tax dodging; and her lover, Toby White, has run for the hills.

Melanie discovers an old manuscript hidden in her new apartment. It tells the true 12th century story of an unfortunate girl left in Watton Abbey; of a forbidden love; of a terrible, violent ordeal; of a great miracle.

As she reads the manuscript, Melanie relives many long forgotten, unpleasant memories of her own and meets the ghost of a boy to haunt her very soul.

Finally the manuscript reveals the truth of the beautiful miracle of Watton Abbey, but what miracle awaits for Melanie?

Can she truly be Forever Loved?

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