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The Flower of Myfous

Peter Thompson About the Author

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The Flower of Myfous
Published: March 2015
ISBN Number: 978-1-326-19082-8
Available as: Paperback, Kindle
Genre: Science Fiction
Number of Pages: 232

Described as igniters, a small proportion of earth people overheat and burn up, leaving just a small pile of grey ash. Jonathan Peel is one such man.

Snatched from the jaws of death a second before oblivion, he awakes to find that he is not on earth, nor dead, but on a planetoid where he is still alive, in perfect health and now a young man. For this gift he has to agree to help a mysterious stranger called Myfous. Jonathan has a choice: accept what Myfous offers and perhaps die, or go back to a certain death.

He will be one of three beings from different worlds to form an assault group, their basic DNA altered to fight a growing menace that is destroying planets and galaxies; this is a vicious weed that eats and destroys every life form it comes up against.
The fight back has begun to save the Milky Way galaxy and retake those that have been lost to the weeds and the control of a mad, sentient computer

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