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First Yacht Home

Peter Thompson About the Author

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First Yacht Home
Published: April 2013
ISBN Number: 978-1291373035
Available as: Paperback, Kindle
Genre: Suspense Thriller
Number of Pages: 268

Tom Ranswick is set up for the murder of his wife by a Middle East terror organisation called 'The Group'. That event is closely followed by the destruction of British Intelligence HQ by two car bombs driven into its basement garage, and a Russian Intelligence base by one of their own nuclear suitcase bombs. The C.I.A. is next to be attacked but is already on alert and the car bombers are kept at bay.

Tom is sent to Russia to back up a Russian agent trying to infiltrate a coup plot led by one of their Generals. Tom's friend, Jake Brown discovers The Group's connection to an ocean going yacht tied up in Portsmouth Harbour and plans for it to join a yacht race already in progress and due to finish in New York Harbour, next to the Statue of Liberty.

Meanwhile, Tom Ranswick finds that something far more deadly, using the final two suitcase bombs, is planned for America and he hasn't much time to thwart The Group before America is dealt a blow that they will take years to recover from.

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