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The Feisty Professor

Trev Haymer About the Author

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The Feisty Professor
Published: September 2014
ISBN Number: 978-1-326-00837-6
Available as: Paperback
Genre: Short Story
Number of Pages: 293

Local author Trev Haymer has created a feisty investigator. The Professor is a red-haired young lady in her mid-twenties. She is Professor of Archaeology and Forensics at a university who regularly assists the local, cash-strapped police force with mainly cold cases.

The fashionable Professor, known as Prof, wears designer clothes she has bid for on the internet. Prof also has a 70-year-old sidekick, Stanley, who is a metal-detecting enthusiast.

Set in Bretelton, a seaside resort on the east coast of Yorkshire, the book follows Prof, aided by Stanley, in numerous local investigations. Also, three of the cases lead Prof to Spain, West Yorkshire and Tyneside locations. All these cases are spiked with danger, but also humour.

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