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End of the Line - The Moorgate Disaster

Richard M Jones About the Author

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End of the Line - The Moorgate Disaster
Published: March 2015
ISBN Number: 978-1-326-21141-7
Available as: Paperback, Kindle
Genre: Factual, History
Number of Pages: 199

On 28th February 1975 a London Underground train crash led to the deaths of 43 people and injured dozens more. Now for the first time in 40 years, stories of that day and the aftermath are brought together in one volume to give a terrifying account of a day that shook the rail network. Interviews from survivors, rescuers and the relatives of those killed answer questions that until now have remained hidden. How was a packed train able to overshoot a terminal station and crash with such devastating consequences? How were the rescuers able to pull people out of the wreckage alive over 12 hours after impact? Most importantly…what was the cause of the crash?

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