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Deadly Suicide

Peter Thompson About the Author

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Deadly Suicide
Published: November 2014
ISBN Number: 978-1-326-06621-5
Available as: Hardback, Kindle
Genre: Suspense Thriller
Number of Pages: 248

A half-mad Wyoming senator is one of the most evil men you could ever wish to meet, and his cult of Abbadon is hell bent on mass suicide, but they want to take everyone else in the world with them. The Yellowstone Park volcano has lain dormant for seventy thousand years, but this senator has a small nanobug that will make it erupt in a maelstrom of fire and ash; few will survive in a world that is covered in darkness and ice for years to come. With a price on his head, and suffering from memory loss, Tom Ranswick heads for the park.

This book is the fourth in the Tom Ranswick series.

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