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Chosen To Survive

Trev Haymer About the Author

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Chosen To Survive
Published: March 2015
ISBN Number: 978-1-326-22689-3
Available as: Paperback, Kindle
Genre: Science Fiction
Number of Pages: 293

Set in the near future this novel is a mixture of futuristic vision and science fiction. The theme is: The Human Race is dying – save the young. An untreatable virus, known as The Superbug, is rapidly decimating the world’s population. Something has to be done. So five virus-proof isolation towers are built offshore in various locations across the planet in an effort to ensure the survival of mankind.

Placed in these isolation towers from birth are children, presently aged twelve years. But these ‘special children’, known as the Chosen Ones, have been subjected to intense education and are now at university level.

In one week’s time they will be leaving Earth for a distant planet, aiming to create a new world to ensure the future of the Human Race. But immense difficulties lay ahead as these plans are threatened by rebels from the mainland who are also determined to gain passage to the new planet.

What will these Chosen Ones find on the new planet? Will it be completely uninhabited?

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