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Capsized in the Solent

Richard M Jones About the Author

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Capsized in the Solent
Published: March 2016
ISBN Number: 978-1-326-58484-9
Available as:
Genre: Factual, History
Number of Pages: 56

On 4th March 1972 a hovercraft capsized in stormy weather on a voyage from the Isle of Wight to Southsea. Five passengers were killed, but in a dramatic rescue operation involving air and sea units from miles around, the twenty-two others on board were rescued. This book tells the forgotten story of the capsizing of SRN6-012, the heroes who rose that day to save the survivors and the investigation that followed.

Richard M. Jones has dedicated his life to researching disasters of historical significance that have been forgotten and has placed five memorials to such events around the UK. This is his fifth book.

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