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The Boneyard

Anthony Arnott About the Author

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The Boneyard
Published: December 2013
ISBN Number: 978-1291645293
Available as: Paperback, Kindle
Genre: Poetry
Number of Pages: 102

With The Boneyard, I have tried to cover the different stages of my poetry so far. From my early, somewhat experimental, pieces to the more recent wry observations of people, places and situations, this collection aims to give the reader a complete view of my work up until now.
Drawing on poems from two previous collections, The Boneyard also includes previously unpublished pieces to create an eclectic mix, aiming to reflect my own need of trying something new and the reader wanting something a little different.
Therefore, if you are interested in finding out about how, sometimes, life is harder than an end-of-level boss, are worried about a certain Spoiler Alertor, are wondering how I missed out on Free Hugs, then, read on, enjoy and read again. Poems are often better the second time around.

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