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Blue Planet Raiders, The Human Conspiracy

L A Hudson About the Author

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Blue Planet Raiders, The Human Conspiracy
Published: April 2016
ISBN Number: 978-1530422470
Available as: Paperback, Kindle
Genre: Fantasy, Science Fiction
Number of Pages: 252

Merimis Stork is a young woman from the sea world of Serhombi. She and Barun Kainoa live among the humans. Earth Border Control classifies them as aliens, but the real truth—which has been hidden for centuries—is that humans are the aliens on planet Earth.

Thousands of years ago, humans lived on a planet called Humorra. They destroyed Humorra through intense mining and nuclear war, and when it was no longer habitable, they fled to find new homes. A few settled on a similar planet and named it “Eortha,” or Earth.

Now a new danger is on the horizon: greedy humans from another planet have discovered diamond caves far beneath Serhombi’s ocean. They plan to smash through one of Earth’s dimensions to obtain them, leading to the eventual implosion of the planet.

When Merimis discovers this plot, her world is turned upside down. She and Barun must lead the inhabitants of Serhombi—a ragtag army of mutating creatures—against the invading humans. But how?

Catastrophe is on the horizon, and Merimis’s life is on the line. Will these de facto heroes perish before they have a chance to fight, or will Earth’s true natives defeat the alien threat?

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