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Bridlington Priory West End

Bridlington Priory written by the late John. W. Lamb, M.A., Ph.D.

The same principle of a strengthening Perpendicular screen is to be seen in the Great West Window.

The window extends the full width of the Nave and fills all the height above the Great West Doors. It can now be seen quite clearly that the tracery above the screen is set nine inches further into the building than the mullions behind the screen.

This graceful reinforcement of the largest West Window in the North is one of the feats of architectural genius of the Perpendicular period.

Immediately below the Window is a table of exquisitely carved bosses, amongst which are to be seen faces having quaint expressions. On each side of the West Doors- is an inscription: that on the South side refers to the restoration of the Window in 1948, and that on the North records the abolition of pew rents, thus making all seats free in the Priory in 1961.