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Bridlington Priory South Side

Bridlington Priory written by the late John. W. Lamb, M.A., Ph.D

The South side of the Nave has the same Early English arcading but it will be noted that the three western-most pillars do not have shafts but are quadrangular in shape, having a flat surface adorned with Perpendicular panelling similar to that on the wall beneath the Great West Window.

It is probable that the three pillars, originally shafted, were re-faced at the time of the building of the window, not earlier than 1480. It is interesting to note that the half-pillar on the West wall is shafted. There is no triforium, as such, on this side but a very lofty derestory which extends from the top of the arcading to the wall-plate of the roof.

The Perpendicular screen, with ornamental cornice, rising from the base of the derestory gives an appearance of a trilorium. Its pillars are spaced so that they are in visual line with the mullions of the derestory windows. In addition to the adornment which the screen gives it will be observed that by it the clerestory windows, so lofty and slender, are considerably strengthened.