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Bridlington Priory Side Chapel

Bridlington Priory written by the late John. W. Lamb, M.A., Ph.D.

To the East of the Screen in the South Aisle is the beautiful Side-Chapel, designed and wrought by the same architect and craftsmen, respectively, mentioned in the previous section.

The gift of anonymous donors, the Chapel was dedicated to the glory of God and in honour of St. John of Bridlington in 1952. The mural tablets are mostly eighteenth or early nineteenth century and are typical of the restraint and simplicity of the Georgian style.

Here a tablet commemorates Wm. Bower, 1707, a son of the Wm. Bower whose tablet is in the North Aisle. The memorial to James Heblethwayte is much bigger and more elaborate. In 1759 the Great Tithes of the Benefice were conveyed to him, thus making him lmpropriator of the Benefice. He died in 1773.

The large tablet near the Screen commemorates Captain Thomas James Heblethwayte, "who in February 1814 in carrying the Fort of Hastingues fell at the age of 24"; and two midshipmen of the Royal Navy, William Pitts, who was drowned in 1806, and Frederick Pins who died at sea in 1814.