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Bridlington Priory North Aisle |

Bridlington Priory North Aisle

Bridlington Priory written by the late John. W. Lamb, M.A., Ph.D.

The North wall, with its beautiful lancet windows, is the oldest part of the Priory, the lower courses being Norman work. Along the wall will be seen a stone seat. Such seating alone was provided for the people in medieval times, and was used chiefly by the aged and infirm. This usage, no doubt, gave rise to the old proverb "The weakest go to the wall".

Looking down the aisle, springers will be seen at regular intervals. Similar springers are to be seen in the South aisle. These show that it was the intention to vault the aisles, but it was never completed: Hatchments bearing the armorials of ancient families who were benefactors of or associated with the Priory are fixed in both aisles. Note the visored-helmet surmounting the hatchment with the motto "Resurgam".

Visitors looking down the aisle will observe the beauty and dignity of the arch to the North West Tower. Note also in the first pair of lancet windows the exquisitely-carved madonna lily and the small yet perfectly-carved head in the vertical mouldings.