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Theatre company visits East Riding schools to help tackle drug and alcohol misuse

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A new theatre production has taken place in East Riding schools to encourage pupils to keep themselves safe and make informed decisions when it comes to drugs and alcohol.

The Theatre in Health Education Programme presented 'Wired', a series of performances and workshops exploring the issues surrounding drug and alcohol use, peer pressure and risk-taking behaviours.

Pupils in years 8 and 9 in some East Riding schools watched the production performed by Dramatic, a local theatre company which has been delivering BIG Difference to primary schools across East Yorkshire since 2011.

Commissioned by East Riding of Yorkshire Council's Public Health team, Dramatic's play and discussion sessions are designed to help pupils explore the dangers of substance misuse and its consequences, encourage personal responsibility,
discover effective ways to challenge peer pressure around substance misuse, motivate young people to keep themselves safe and to make informed decisions and to contribute to the reduction of drug and alcohol misuse amongst young people.
Jon Dixon, artistic director at Dramatic, said: "Wired follows the story of 15-year-old Amy James and her relationships; her relationship with her dad, her boyfriend and her relationship with alcohol and drugs.

"Using live theatre and discussion, Wired explores key questions around the use of alcohol and substances.

"The project seeks to help inform resilient young people to make healthier life choices and to begin to develop the skills to make healthy and informed decisions."

Gilda Nunez, public health officer for substance misuse at East Riding of Yorkshire Council, said: "The play gives pupils the opportunity to interact with the subject matter and encourages them to get involved in the interactive session after the play.
"This offers pupils a chance to ask questions and gives them a platform to discuss problems they may be facing."

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