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Sewerby Hall and Gardens accredited as Learning Destination

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Staff at Sewerby Hall and Gardens are celebrating the fact that the venue has been validated as a Learning Destination by Scarborough Children's University, supported by the University of Hull.

The accreditation means that Children's University passport holders who visit Sewerby Hall and Gardens outside school hours can be awarded an hour for visiting the house itself; an hour for completing one of the trails; an hour if they take part in a drop –in activity; and an hour for visiting the zoo.
Participating schools encourage pupils to join the programme, and the council is hoping that all its learning venues will eventually be validated as Learning Destinations.

Robert Chester, Education Officer at Sewerby Hall and Gardens, explains: "I am delighted that we have been validated by the Children's University – this accreditation recognises the real merit in what we provide here. It's about more than just pure entertainment."

Councillor Richard Burton, portfolio holder for civic wellbeing and culture, added : "Sewerby Hall and Gardens combines events – like those provided by Rusticus – with activities that are both fun and educational. We are very successful in getting children to come and enjoy the venue, and feel welcome in a stately home, which is very important as they learn."

Other locally validated Learning Destinations include the Living Seas Centre at Flamborough, run by the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust. Nationally validated Learning Destinations include properties run by English Heritage and by the National Trust, and land owned by the Forestry Commission.