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No Harm Done? Educational play coincides with Mental Health Awareness Week (8-14 May)

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Self-harm in adolescents is more common than you'd think, and with Mental Health Awareness Week currently taking place (8-14 May), it's important to know that statistics show 10% of young people self-harm.

No Harm Done? is a theatre in education play followed by an interactive talkback that aims to start conversations around mental health and emotional wellbeing. No Harm Done? follows two teenage school friends who share their experiences of self-harm. The story talks about feelings, self-care and how we might react when someone we care about self-harms.

No Harm done? is delivered by Beverley-based 'Dramatic Theatre in Education company' who has considerable experience in developing health-related educational programmes. The play has been commissioned by and designed in consultation with the Public Health Service at East Riding of Yorkshire Council and has very clear links with the PSHE (Personal Social Health and Economic Education) curriculum.

The play is targeted at young people in years 8 and 9 who are attending maintained mainstream secondary schools. The input is designed to be delivered in regular lesson length sessions, ranging from 50-80 minutes.

Jon Dixon, director of Dramatic Theatre, said: "Experience has shown more meaningful discussion can happen when working with smaller groups; however we can present the play and manage talkback sessions with up to 90 young people.

"No Harm Done? is supported by a collection of follow-up activities aimed at raising further awareness of issues surrounding self-harm."
Participating schools have also been supported by members of the Youth & Family Support Prevention & Education Team who are able to provide individual or group support to students affected by any of the issues raised.

No Harm Done? has been touring schools in the East Riding to deliver the educational play to youngsters in the area and will perform in the following venues as they come to the end of the tour:

- Wednesday, 10 May – Hornsea School and Language College, 2pm.
- Thursday, 11 May – Driffield School, 9.05am, 10.20am, 1.20pm and 2.30pm.
- Friday, 12 May – Beverley Grammar School, 10.35am and 11.40am.

No Harm Done? Visited Beverley High School through the week and received a glowing report from the wellbeing coordinator at the school: "Can I please thank you and your team for a fantastic session with the girls at Beverley High school. "All the feedback from the staff and pupils was positive and they said you were inspirational and informative! "I've never received such good feedback. Thank you for a fantastic job! Same time, same place next year?"

The Public Health team has issued prevention education staff with information to deliver to schools regarding Shelf Help. These are books which are available from local libraries encouraging youngsters to read books about bullying, self-harm and self-esteem if they are struggling with these issues. Find out more about this by visiting

For more information on mental health and wellbeing visit the Rise Above website