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Name the new arrival at Sewerby Hall and Gardens' zoo

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A female Raccoon Dog puppy has just arrived at the zoo at Sewerby Hall and Gardens, and is getting along fine with Bandit, the adult raccoon dog.

Staff at the zoo are asking visitors to choose a name for the new arrival, in a competition launched today (Wednesday 19 July).

Visitors can pick up an entry form from the Welcome Centre at Sewerby Hall and Gardens, and the winner will receive an adoption pack for the raccoon dogs.

Each adoption pack includes a personalised adoption certificate, a key-ring, a quarterly newsletter and two complementary admission vouchers. A sign on the animal enclosure will include the winner's name stating they have adopted the animal for one year.

Raccoon dogs are usually found in East Asia, in forests and woodland, and live on a diet of fish, rodents, seeds, nuts, fruit and berries. They have a life expectancy of around 11 years in captivity.

Despite their similarities to raccoons, they are not genetically related to them, and are in fact more closely related to dogs!

Any of the animals in the zoo are available to adopt and prices start from as little as £14.

The scheme is open to everyone – individuals, families, schools or clubs, societies, businesses and companies. Online adoption is also available.

Admission charges to Sewerby Hall and Gardens are £7 for adults, £4.90 for children and £22 for a family (two adults and two children).

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