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Lit Up Festival 2017 : Bringing you the authors before they have even arrived

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This week the Lit Up Festival launches a lively social media campaign to bring authors to the public before they arrive. Exciting on two levels, this both reveals authors' thoughts and opinions as well as providing the public with a rare opportunity to strike up a conversation with authors via Twitter and Instagram.

Daily offers and a handful of free tickets are up for grabs as well.

With interviews taking place throughout the day, content is made up of videos, words and photographs. In keeping with the nature of the festival itself our authors are sharing what lights them up in an array of ways (real and ideal). Conversations are streamed at four points in the day: the morning rush hour, coffee, lunchtime and evening downtime.

Find the answers to these questions and pitch in your own thoughts:

What lit you up this morning?

In an ideal world, what would you be lit up by?

What is your favourite word?

The best idea ever had?

The person you'd most like to spend time with?

This week sees social media appearances with Adam Kay, Alys Fowler, Louise Welsh, Emma Flint and Gyles Brandreth.

Next week sees appearances by Natasha Pulley, Cathy Rentzenbrink, Kate Fox, Sophie Hannah and Peter Snow & Ann MacMillan. Jenny Eclair and Salley Vickers will also be making appearances in this fashion as well.

Visit @bevlitfest to see. Spread the word! Take part! Enjoy!!

Week commencing 18 Sept:
Monday 18th Sept: Adam Kay @amateuradam
Tuesday 19th Sept: Alys Fowler @AlysFowler
Wednesday 20th Sept: Louise Welsh @louisewelsh00
Thursday 21st Sept: Emma Flint @flint_writes
Friday 22nd Sept: Gyles Brandreth @CorsairBooks

Week commencing 25 Sept
Monday 25th Sept: Natasha Pulley @natasha_pulley
Tuesday 26th Sept: Cathy Rentzenbrink @cathyreadsbooks
Wednesday 27th Sept: Kate Fox @katefoxwriter
Thursday 28th Sept: Sophie Hannah @sophiehannahCB1
Friday 29th Sept: Peter Snow & Ann MacMillan @johnmurrays