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Kids take over Sewerby Hall and Gardens

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Children from Hull and East Yorkshire Children's University have curated an exhibition at Sewerby Hall and Gardens for Kids in Museums Takeover Day 2017.

Takeover days allow children to take on meaningful roles in museums and work alongside staff. In partnership with the local Children's University, Sewerby Hall and Gardens welcomed a group of young people to be curators for the day.
The children chose their favourite objects from an eclectic collection with many commenting on how different the objects are to those we use today.

Sewerby Hall and Gardens Education Officer, Robert Chester, said: 'It was great to see how enthusiastic the kids were about the house and working with historical objects'.

Amy Mercer of the Children's University of Hull and East Yorkshire added : "The children thoroughly enjoyed learning about Sewerby Hall and its rich history. It gave them a chance to handle and investigate historical objects which they had never seen or heard of before.

"The knowledge of the staff helped the children understand more about the time period and how different it was. All the children were extremely proud of their exhibition and I think we have some future curators in training".
The children involved, all from Hull and East Yorkshire, were delighted:

" Today has been amazing, I never knew there was so much weird and cool stuff in the past": Bradley

" I have really enjoyed holding the objects and investigating them, we are never usually allowed to hold old stuff" : David

"I am really proud of our exhibition as we all worked together and it looks great" : Chloe

"It was great to see people looking at our exhibition and talking about it" : Bailey

The exhibition curated by the children will be on display in the community gallery at Sewerby Hall and Gardens until March, 2018. The gallery is located within the house which is open Saturdays and Sundays 11.30am – 3.30pm. For more information about Sewerby Hall and Gardens visit

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