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Dementia Action Week 21-27 May

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Dementia Action Week, which runs from 21-27 May, is an annual national campaign designed to highlight and improve people's understanding of dementia, as well as the help and support available to people living with the condition and their loved ones.

East Riding of Yorkshire Council is supporting this campaign, helping to improve understanding and raise awareness of a condition which affects thousands of people in the East Riding today, as well as countless others in terms of friends, family and carers.

Dementia is quickly becoming one of the most feared medical conditions and, as a result of this, people are less likely to go to their GP when they think something is wrong.

Dementia describes a set of symptoms that may include memory loss and difficulties with thinking, problem-solving or language, which is bad enough to affect daily life. Other signs and symptoms can include changes in mood, loss of interest in hobbies and socialising, confusion, sight and hearing loss and sleep disturbances. However each person will experience dementia differently and the symptoms will depend on the areas of the brain affected.

As part of the national week, the council is raising awareness of the sessions and activities that are available in the East Riding for people living with dementia.

Councillor Jane Evison, portfolio holder for transforming lifestyles at East Riding of Yorkshire Council, said: "As a local authority we are proud to support this campaign and all partner organisations involved with the events taking place across the East Riding.

"The sessions and events are a great way to find out more about dementia which affects thousands of people living in the East Riding.

"It is more important than ever before that we all play our part in helping to build dementia friendly communities for the future."

Reading Books on Prescription

This helps you to understand and manage your health and wellbeing through helpful reading. The scheme is run by The Reading Agency in partnership with the Society of Chief Librarians with funding from Arts Council England and the Wellcome Trust. It is endorsed by health organisations, including NHS England and Public Health England, and delivered through public libraries.

There are three Reading Well lists currently available, for adult common mental health conditions, for people with dementia and their carers, and for young people's mental health.

These books can be recommended by GPs or other health professionals from the relevant Reading Well list, or can be borrowed from local libraries without a professional recommendation.

Safe Places Scheme

The Safe Places Scheme is a Humberside Police initiative across the Humber region and helps vulnerable people to stay safe while out and about in their community.

All East Riding of Yorkshire Council venues are now registered as Safe Places, which offer people suffering from dementia, learning disabilities/difficulties or people in need of help, a safe haven to visit where they can find help and support.

A huge number of businesses in the East Riding have also signed up to offer their venues as a Safe Place and many of the staff have undertaken training at a course specifically designed to teach how to spot signs of someone who is in need of help and how to communicate with them.

Anyone who feels vulnerable, scared, confused or lost can ask for help at any venue showing a Safe Places Scheme sticker on its window.

Knit and Natter

Knit and Natter is a knitting group open for anyone to attend. Research has shown that knitting has therapeutic qualities similar to meditation; it can also help prevent and manage stress and pain.

Library knitting groups offer improved health and wellbeing and a lively group of new friends for all ages and abilities.

This activity is suitable for adults or any ability level. Please phone your local library for more information.

Writing groups

Creative writing has been linked to improved mood and well-being, as well as more physical benefits such as lower blood pressure.

Share your love of writing with others, and take steps to get your work to print. From short stories, poetry, book reviews, magazine articles, there's a writing experience to suit everyone.

For information on your nearest session contact your local library. If you can't find a group near you and would like to start a writing group, please talk to a member of staff who can help advertise this for you.

Reading groups

Reading reduces stress by 68% and risk of dementia by 35%. Broaden your horizons, meet like-minded people and explore the fascinating world of literature. For information on your nearest session please contact your local library.

Reminiscence sessions

These sessions help people living with dementia and their carers to share memories and receive support in the East Riding.

The sessions, which are endorsed by the Alzheimer's Society, are aimed at enabling those living with dementia to meet others in a similar situation and enjoy reminiscing together.

During the sessions items from memory boxes, photographs and books are used to stimulate conversation.

For more information visit the Alzheimer's Society website at or the Dementia Action Alliance website at

Dementia Friendly Leisure

Dementia-friendly swimming and gym sessions are available throughout East Riding Leisure centres.

Supervision and training is led by dementia-friendly trained staff and the sessions are music-free during the following dates and times:

Beverley Mon and Fri 1.30-3.30pm (swim and gym)
Bridlington Mon and Wed 2-4pm (swim) and Mon and Wed 1-3pm (gym)
Driffield Wed and Thur 12.30-2pm (swim) and Mon and Wed 12.30-2pm (gym)
Goole Wed and Fri 11am-1pm (swim and gym)
Haltemprice Mon and Wed 12noon-2pm (swim and gym)
Hornsea Tues and Thur 2-3pm (swim) and Tues and Thurs 2-4pm (gym)
Pocklington Mon and Wed 2-4pm (swim and gym)
South Holderness Sat 1-2pm and Sun 10-11am (swim) and Tues and Fri 2-4pm (gym)
Withernsea Mon and Wed 2-3.30pm (swim and gym)

Please contact your local East Riding Leisure centre for more details
For more information visit

Reminiscence sessions take place at the following venues:
Beverley Library Thursday, 2-3pm  - This activity doesn't happen every Thursday and places are limited so please call Beverley Library on (01482) 392750 for dates and availability.

Bridlington Central Library Fourth Wednesday of the month, 10.30-11.30am - No need to book, just turn up.

Bridlington North Library Second Thursday of the month, 2-3pm - No need to book, just turn up.

Driffield Centre Second Monday of the month, 2-3pm No need to book, just turn up.

Hedon Library Last Tuesday of the month, 2-3pm No need to book, just turn up.

Hessle Centre Last Friday of the month, 10-11am Spaces are limited and booking is essential so please phone Hessle Centre (01482) 393939 for availability.

Hornsea Library Monthly, 2-3pm Please call Hornsea Library (01964) 532561 for details about the next event.

North Ferriby Library First and second Tuesday of the month, 10.15-11.15am
Spaces are limited and booking is essential so please phone North Ferriby Library (01482) 632227 for availability.

Petuaria Centre First Thursday of the month, 2-3pm No need to book, just turn up.

Pocela Centre
Third Monday of the month, 2-3pm No need to book, just turn up.

Wicstun Centre Last Friday of the month, 2-3pm Spaces are limited and booking is essential so please phone Wicstun Centre (01482) 393939 for availability.

Willerby Library First and last Tuesday of the month, 3-4pm Spaces are limited and booking is essential so please phone Willerby Library (01482) 658077 for availability.

Withernsea Centre First Friday of the month, 10.30-11.30am
Spaces are limited and booking is essential so please phone Withernsea Centre (01482) 393939 for availability.

Please book a place as soon as possible at your closest library as spaces are limited.