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Christmas 2018 message from the chairman of East Riding of Yorkshire Council

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Over the last four years, many events have taken place to remember the bravery of the hundreds of thousands of young men who fought and gave their lives during the First World War in the cause of freedom.

Today, we continue to praise the sacrifices, courage and professionalism of personnel both at home and overseas and, at this special time of the year, our thoughts are with their families and friends who are spending Christmas thousands of miles apart from their loved ones.

Despite the happiness Christmas brings for most people, for others this time of year is one of stress, deprivation and pain and there are people within our community who have little opportunity to enjoy life or influence their destiny. For some life is a struggle, a day to day effort. Whilst you are enjoying the festivities, let us spare a little time during the forthcoming weeks thinking of those less fortunate than ourselves and where we can, perhaps, lend a hand to ease their burden.

It is also important that we take the time to spare a thought for those who may have lost loved ones this year, or, for whatever reason, may be alone or homeless this Christmas.

We give thanks to those who are working over this festive period like the emergency services, health staff and many more who work tirelessly to help keep us safe and well all year round.

Christmas is a very special time for us all, a time to spend with family and friends, reflect on a year passed and plan for the future, I hope your Christmas will find you among family and friends sharing the spirit of the season.

So, let us take on board the Christmas message of hope and work towards making our lives and our community a better place.

I wish you and your loved ones a Happy and Peaceful Christmas and a Healthy and Prosperous New Year.

Councillor Margaret Chadwick

Chairman of East Riding of Yorkshire Council.