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Bridlington Central Library celebrates the gansey 23rd May

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For those people who have seen the Gansey Girl on Bridlington harbour, but would like to know more about the fascinating history behind ganseys, there will be a chance at to find out all about it at Bridlington Central Library on 23 May.

Their real name is 'Guernsey', but they have always been referred to as 'ganseys' in Britain. The gansey came into being as a garment for fishermen who required a warm, hard wearing, yet comfortable item of clothing that would resist the sea spray.

The hard twist given to the tightly packed wool fibres in the spinning process and the tightly knitted stitches produced a finish that is capable of repelling rain and spray.

Each gansey has a unique pattern, sometimes a family pattern, or sometimes a village pattern. This meant that if there was an accident or shipwreck, fishermen could be identified by their gansey.

Fred and Carol Walkington are a local duo who know all about their history and continue to create ganseys for people to treasure.

At the event, Fred will explain the fascinating background to ganseys and Carol will bring ganseys that she has knitted, and will be able to give help and advice to anyone embarking on knitting a gansey.

The event is on Tuesday 23 May, at 2pm, upstairs in the meeting room at Bridlington Central Library at 14 King Street.

Admission is free and all are welcome.

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