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Spitfire Crashes at Bessingby Road

Mike Wilson, Local Author and Historian

A Bridlington World War Two story that might not be very well known is that of pilot Albert Richard August Van Hecke. Albert was a 28-year-old Belgian who had escaped from Begium when it was occupied by the Germans.

On arrival in the UK, Albert joined 349 (Belgian) Squadron. He was found dead in the wreckage of his Spitfire on 12th October 1943, at "Bessingby Road, Bridlington U.D."

His death was recorded on 14th October by Mrs Muriel Wright, Deputy Registrar.

The news of his death was received by his widow when she was released from a concentration camp.

In 1996, Cynrik De Decker, a Belgian teacher, was put in contact with Ken Dockray, of the Combined Ex-Services Association of Bridlington, and information was sent to Cynrik for his book.

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