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National Association of Railwaymen 50th Anniversary, 1984

Mike Wilson, Local Author and Historian

National Union of Railwaymen's 50th Anniversary Conference

This small production is the Agenda for the National Union of Railwaymen for the Fiftieth National Joint Conference of Shunters, Guards and Chargemen Shunters held at The Spa Royal Hall, Bridlington, on Friday and Saturday, 1st and 2nd June, 1984. 

The signature on the left is that of Arthur Scargill. 

My question is: Why was Arthur, of the miners' union, doing at a railwaymen's conference? Guest of honour, perhaps?

One of the topics to be voted on was about the conveyance of nuclear flasks. "The conference calls upon the NEC to instruct all Guards not to work trains conveying nuclear flasks or nuclear waste, until clear assurances can be obtained that staff working with these trains will not be exposed to any radiation given off the flasks or nuclear waste. These assurances to be given by an independent body."

I can't disagree with that! And apparently Conference carried the proposal with two against. 

Another item was voted 'all against!!' "This Conference of Guards and Shunters believe that the NEC should negotiate a National Agreement with the BRB to establish an on call allowance of not less than £5.00 when Guards or Shunters are called out to work Sunday or rest day when originally they are booked off."

Another item carried with only two against was "that this Conference request the NEC to negotiate with the BRB to roster a Physical Needs Break for all Guards rostered over seven hours of duty."

Things seem to be different now, thirty-one years later.