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Loss of Life from Shipwreck at Bridlington, 11th April, 1837

Mike Wilson, Local Author and Historian

From Illustrated Times, 11th April, 1837

A few days since, at Bridlington, near Hull, during a strong S.E. gale, a small billyboy schooner came ashore south of the harbour of that place. She went into the bay and anchored in the afternoon. She soon dragged her anchors. Being light and small, the seafaring people felt assured that she would come up high and dry; they would not therefore take the lifeboat out. The vessel got into back water. The coastguard, as usual, were on the alert, ready to render assistance. But late at night the vessel's lights suddenly disappeared. It was then ascertained that she had foundered with all hands, four in number. The loss of the vessel is attributed solely to her unseaworthiness. She was the schooner Venus, of Sandwich, and was quite rotten, and had been condemned many years ago. It is believed that, judging from the appearance of her bows, they had actually been pulled out by her anchors, causing her of course to founder immediately.