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Presentation of Organ to Bridlington High School for Girls, 1936

Mike Wilson, Local Author and Historian

Bridlington High School

for Girls

Presentation of the Organ by Miss Drummond

Tuesday, September 22nd, 1936

at 6pm

Signed by Edward C. Bairstow



1. Organ Solo: Fugue in Eb (St Ann's), Bach
2. Unison Song: Let us now praise famous men, Vaughan Williams
3. Organ Solo: York Tune (Choral Prelude), Charles Wood
4. Unison Song: Music when soft voices die, E. C. Bairstow
5. Organ Solo: Scherzo in Ab, E. C. Bairstow
6. Unison Song: Songs of Praise the Angels sang, Dunhill
7. Organ Solo: Fantasia in F Minor, Mozart
8. Hymn: Praise my Soul the King of Heaven, Goss

The organ is by Messrs Harrison and Harrison (Durham) and consists of two Full Manuals, CC to A, 58 Notes, and Pedal Organ, CCC to F, 30 Notes, and contains the following stops, etc.:

Pedal Organ - 1 Stop, 2 Couplers
1. Sub Bass. 16ft. (Wood) 30 pipes
I. Great to Pedal
II. Swell to Pedal

Great Organ - 3 Stops, 1 Coupler
2. Open Diaspon. 8ft. (Metal) 58 Pipes
3. Claribel Flute. 8ft. (Wood) 58 Pipes
4. Octave. 4ft. (Metal) 58 Pipes
III. Swell to Great

Swell Organ - 2 Stops, 1 Coupler
5. Lieblich Gedeckt. 8ft. (Wood and Metal) 58 Pipes
6. Viola de Gamba. 8ft. (Metral) 58 pipes

Two double-acting composition pedals to the Great Organ
Balanced crescendo pedal to the Swell Organ

Wind Pressures
Pipe-wind, 3 inches
Action-wing, 5 inches

The Pedal Sub-bass is formed of pipes from the old organ that formerly stood in York Minster.
The Pedal Board is radiating and concave, and each key is face with hard teak.
The Stop Handles have solid ivory fronts, the speaking stops are lettered in black, and the couplers in red. The couplers are group with the speaking stops of the departments they augment.
The organ is tune to the New French Pitch, i.e. C=517 vibrations at 60ºF.
The Blowing is by an electric motor and Discus fans.

Hymn: Praise My Soul The King Of Heaven