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Mike Wilson, local writer and historian, Bridlington

Herman Darewski, a Russian musician, was Bridlington's Director of Music 1924-1926 and 1933-1939. Herman put Bridlington on the map as a dance resort.

Herman Darewski and his Dances caused concern in the town when landladies were up in arms as he kept their guests out after 10pm.

Herman Darewski and his Band. 

This photograph shows Herman Darewski and his Broadcasting Band. He recorded "Little Sir Echo" at the Spa just a few days before the outbreak of World War Two. This recording can be heard on YouTube.

Herman wrote this music, "On the Silvery Sands," for his wife Madge Temple. He earned £800 in a short while at one old halfpenny a sheet. In those days, there were 480 halfpennies in a pound, so he sold 384,000 sheets of music.

This song, for which Herman wrote the music, was a massive hit during World War One. It was said that every English-speaking person at that time knew the words.

In June 2014, this blue plaque to commemorate Herman Darewski and his work at Bridlington's Spa Royal Hall was unveiled. The author was instrumental in arranging for the plaque to be installed at the Spa.