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Field's Oriental Lounge, Summer Season 1915

Mike Wilson, Local Author and Historian


One hundred years ago, Field's Oriental Lounge were advertising a show called "Cigarettes," starring Ernest Crampton, Beatrice Edwards, Nellie Le Breton, Prudence Neville, Fred Hurdle, Harold Hurdle, Reginald Jecks and Horace Manger. It appears that the "Cigarettes" refer to the cast, who "arranged their stage as a smoking lounge, and dress themselves en suite, with great effect. Mr Ernest Crampton is responsible for the ideas, and several other thiings, judging by their programme, which details some 200 items written by himself."

The show was scheduled for Monday, 26th July, 1915.

It seems Ernest was a prolific song-writer and among his titles were Don't Forget, Hindustan, Cosy Old Home, Step on the Stair, Valley of the Shadow, and many others.