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Harbour meeting, Bridlington Quay, 1808

Mike Wilson, Bridlington writer and historian

At Bridlington-Quay, on 3rd November, 1808, at a general meeting of the principal Ship-Owners, Merchants, Master-Mariners,and other Inhabitants of the PORT & NEIGHBOURHOOD OF BRIDLINGTON, the following resolutions were unanimously passed:

1. That LORD VISCOUNT GALWAY be requested to take the chair.

2. That this meeting has, for many years, observed with deep concern the considerable losses sustained by the shipping interest employed on this part of the coast, for want of a more commodious Harbour at this place.

3. That, though the Harbours of Scarborough and Whitby have been considerably extended and improved, yet this Harbour retains its original magnitude, which (however adequate at the remote period of its formation) is now, from the increase of the number and size of shipping, evidently insufficient to admit one fifth part of the vessels, which would take refuge therein in eastern gales, provided there was room to contain them.

4. That it would materially conduce to the preservation of many lives and much property, if this Harbour were improved, agreeably to the sketch subjoined, or in some other manner to be suggested by a Civil Engineer.

5. That in order to give full effect to these proceedings, it will be necessary previously to obtain the opprobation of those who are interested in the trade, which (it is trusted) will ensure the sanction and co-operation of the existing Commissioners of Bridlington-Piers.

6. That the Collector of the Customs at Bridlington be requested speedily to adopt proper measures with a view of obtaining that approbation.

(Signed) ARUNDELL GALWAY, Chairman

It was farther unanimously resolved,

7. That the thanks of the meeting be given to the Chairman, for his zealous and judicious exertions on this laudable occasion.