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Bridlington Golf Club Official Handbook

Mike Wilson, Local Author and Historian

Bridlington's professional golfer introduces "How to Play Bridlington Golf Course":

"On many occasions members and visitors at this club have asked me how I should play a certain hole, both from their point of view and my own.

"I have written in this book the most satisfactory way, in my opinion, to play the holes, both for the low handicap player and the average player.

"You will note that I have drawn a plan for the seven trickiest holes, the other eleven being comparatively straightforward. I have merely endeavoured to give some written idea of my views and some possible hints.

"I do feel sure that if you read this book, and its suggestions, you will definitely find them an advantage to you all, so turn the page and start your round with me!"

In the Official Handbook, Jack relates a short history of the club before going on to describe each hole. This book shows the stamp of "J. Coppack, Golf Professional" on the title page. There are several photographs by the Hull Daily Mail to illustrate the book. 

The books are undated, but there are clues that lead me to believe that they were probably published in the late 1940s.