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1704 Acts for Repair of Piers at Bridlington

Mike Wilson, Local Author and Historian

Anno primo
Georgii Regis

An Act to Revive and Continue an Act of the Eighth and Ninth Years of the Reign of His late Majesty King William, for Repair of the Piers of Bridlington alias Burlington in the East-Riding of the County of York.

WHEREAS by an Act made in the Eight and Ninth Years of the Reign of His late Majesty King William the Third, intituled, An Act for the Repair of the Piers of Bridlington, alias Burlington, in the East Riding of the County of York, it was (amongst other things) Enacted, That from and after the First Day of May, One thousand six hundred ninety seven, and before and until the First Day of May, One thousand seven hundred and four, the Duty and Duties in the said Act particularly mentioned, should be paid for the Rebuilding, Repairing, and Amending the said Port or Pier, viz. One Farthing for every Chaldron of Coals, that should, during the said Term, be laden on Board any Ship, Hoy, Bark, or other Vessel, at or in the several Ports in the said Act mentioned, with Provisions for the Recovering and due Application of the said Duty or Duties, and Accounting for the same, as be the said Act, relation being thereunto had, more fully and at large will appear; And whereas the Money arising during the Continuance of the said Act, hath been expended and laid out according to the Directions of the said Act, together with other considerable Sums of Money laid out by the said Town, yet the same has not proved sufficient so effectually to Repair the said Piers, but that since, by the Violence of the Weather and Raging of the Seas, the said Piers are gone so far to Decay that the same are in Danger of being Lost, and the said Piers cannot be Repaired, and Preserved, and Kept in good Repair, without the Aid of a further Act of Parliament for the Reviving and Continuing the said Duty, in Order to Raise a sufficient Fund for that purpose; To the end therefore that the said Piers may be so Repaired as that the same may be Useful and Beneficial to His Majesty and His Subjects in Harbouring of Ships (for which the said Piers are very Commodious in Stress of Weather and otherwise) May it please Your Majesty, That it may be Enacted, And be it Enacted by the Kings most Excellent Majesty, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons in this present Parliament Assembled, and by the Authority of the same, That the said Act of the Eighth and Ninth Years of the Reign of His said late Majesty King William, Intituled, Act Act for the Repair of the Piers of Bridlington alias Burlington in the East Riding of the County of York, and all the Duties and Sums of Money thereby Granted and made Payable, and every Clause, Matter and Thing therein contained, shall, from and after the Twenty Fourth Day of June, in the Year of Our Lord, One thousand seven hundred and fifteen, Stand, and be Revived, Continued, and Paid for Fourteen Years, viz. from the said Twenty fourth Day of June, One thousand seven hundred and fifteen, until the Twenty fourth Day of June, One thousand seven hundred and thirty; and that Rich Lord Viscount Irwin, Sir Griffith Boynton, Sir Charles Hotham, Sir William Strickland, Sir William Saint Quintin, Baronets; Walter Strickland, William Strickland, Hugh Chomley, William Peirson, William Thompson, Ralph Creyk, Thomas Goulton, Thomas Hassel, Esquires; and John Brimston Gentleman, and the Survivors and Survivors of them, and the Executors and Administrators of such Survivors (or their Deputy or Deputies, Offices or Assigns thereunto Appointed or Constituted by some Writing under their Hands and Seals, or under the Hands and Seals of any Four or more of them) shall, and they are hereby Impowered, during the said Term, to Raise, Levy, Collect, Pay, and Dispose of the said Duty or Imposition by the said Act Granted, in such and the same Manner and Form, and by such Ways, Means, and Methods, and by such Rules and Directions, and under such Penalties and Forfeitures, and with such Powers and Authorities in all Respects, as are prescribed, mentioned, or expressed in the said recited Act, to the Trustees therein named, as fully and effectually as if the said Rules and Directions, Penalties and Forfeitures, Powers and Authorities, were particularly and at large Repeated and Re-enacted in the Body of this present Act.

Original document typeset by Mike Wilson, on Sunday, 23rd October, 2005, for the benefit of anyone interested in the history of Bridlington harbour.

Note: There is no mention of Bridlington Harbour Commissioners in this document.