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The Ultimate Evening of Clairvoyance

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Recently reviewed as ''The best-selling show of its kind in the North West'', we bring 'The Ultimate Evening of Clairvoyance'.

Joining us on this magnificent tour will be Channel 5 medium Jeanette 'The Gift' Greenough demonstrating her truly breath-taking gift with her mind blowing evidence of your passed family and friends.

Lincolnshire's finest Paul Humphries will also take to the stage providing evidence that life really does continue, this man is truly outstanding and works up and down the breath of the country with his unique gift.

The winner of the 'Best Medium North West Award'' Paul Deleth will also be demonstrating his gift of his spiritual connection, Paul is remarkable to watch and is a truly genuine demonstrator, who again has such a unique gift.

This evening will be hosted by the up and coming comedian David Lee who has recently appeared in various cameo roles including Hollyoaks. David will be fetching lots of humour into the evening, but most importantly David will talk you through the evening, and introduce each medium to the stage.

This truly is an evening you don't want to miss out on seeing.

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