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Ten things my successful clients are doing

A Bridlington.net Blog post by Ann Brown Summ It Up Marketing - Visit my Blog Page

Created: Wed, Jan 20th, 2016 - viewed 2807 times

  1. Use one main social network to promote what they do and one other social network for posting additional information– join too many and you spread yourself too thin!
  2. Not worrying about numbers of followers and friends on social networks but concentrate on how connected they are to followers and friends – this is the way to sell on social networks
  3. Keeping in touch with their existing customers and anyone who makes an enquiry. This way they keep in the mind of existing customers. What and how to do this depends on the type of business and what they sell, but includes phone calls, E mailings and site visits
  4. Converting their web site to mobile friendly – make it easy for anyone viewing their site and mobile friendly sites are favoured by Google
  5. Using multiple ways to promote their new products services, offers and events – for example advertising, E mailings, leaflet drops, social networking
  6. Using text messages to remind customers and patients of appointments and to promote offers
  7. Including editorial with their ads – this costs more but brings in more enquiries
  8. Taking images of events and workshops and posting them on social networks
  9. Looking at all business and marketing costs – what presents good value and which bring in enquiries and sales
  10. Monitoring everything they do to see just which marketing and promotion delivers enquiries and sales – using the most successful marketing means to promote new products, services and offers