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Reviewing and Improving what you Offer

A Blog post by Ann Brown Summ It Up Marketing - Visit my Blog Page

Created: Thu, Oct 1st, 2015 - viewed 3411 times

For every business there are opportunities that get missed in the everyday running of your business. Time spent reviewing what you do might just be the spur to move your business to the next level and increase sales. A few simple steps are all it takes.

  • Begin with your competitors:
    What are they doing better than you
    Who are they selling to
  • Does your competitor's web site have a better design and is it easier to use. What features does it have that you could use?
  • Marketing material – how does yours match up
    How does the way your competitors promote and sell their products and services differ from your business?

Talk to your customers/clients, directly or by questionnaire:

  • How can you improve the products and services you sell?
    What would they like to buy from you?
    How easy is it to buy from you?
    Can you make your buying process easier?

Which part of your business is most profitable?
Are you promoting this effectively and are all your customers aware of these products and services?
Do you need to improve communications and how can you do this?
How do you keep in touch with your customers and clients? Do you meet up regularly, keep in touch by phone or e mail?

How can you add value?
Sometimes all it takes is to add that extra something, a thank you card, a voucher for a next sales or a discount.

For the majority of businesses repeat sales are the most profitable side of a business are you making the most of this opportunity?

Which method of selling brings in most sales?
Is this in your shop, online, by referral? How can you improve this?

A regular simple in this review is something that every business can do and use to improve what they offer and increase sales.