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The Power of Marketing

A Bridlington.net Blog post by Ann Brown Summ It Up Marketing - Visit my Blog Page

Created: Wed, Dec 9th, 2015 - viewed 3090 times

This will either shock you or sound very familiar! Most small and medium sized businesses do no marketing. The ones that do tend to get stuck in a repeated pattern of doing the same marketing and advertising with no clear understanding of how effective it is.

And unfortunately the majority of small businesses fail to see the massive opportunities and the potential power marketing has to give them. With just a little sideways thinking they could achieve so much more, bring in more sales and raise their profile. I promise you if you change your marketing you change your results.

It is difficult to be general with advice as each small and family run business is different with their own issues, unique problems and opportunities. However here are a few ideas to inspire and motivate you.

10 things you can do now

  1. How many places does your business appear? Don't be invisible on or offline,
  2. Cultivate your customers, reward repeat buyers and go that extra mile to help your customers
  3. Project positivity and success – it's infectious
  4. Make your achievements and awards clear and conspicuous. These don't have to be from award ceremonies, it might be the percentage of customer who stick with you, the percentage who buy more than once or the support you give to individuals or your local community.
  5. Do more. Not in time but more of what works (see number 7!).
  6. Organise social media with Twitter and Face book 5 minutes a day. Link to blog twitter 5 mins a day
  7. Which of your offers got the most response? Can you offer it again or something similar and the offer that the biggest conversion to sales
  8. Set up a simple monitoring system to see where most enquiries come from, take it a stage further. How many of these convert into actual sales?
  9. Are you offering everything you make or provide to all of your customers?
  10. Watch the marketing other industries are doing for new ideas and inspiration?

Sometimes it doesn't need major changes, a change in the layour of your advert, a change in what you offer or mail out.