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Planning your Blog Posts

A Blog post by Ann Brown Summ It Up Marketing - Visit my Blog Page

Created: Thu, Nov 27th, 2014 - viewed 4866 times

If you use a blog to promote your business it can be difficult to know what to write and post. This is the main reason that after the initial enthusiasm has worn off blogs become neglected and out of date. To overcome the struggle to know what to blog it helps to produce a blog calendar for twelve months with blog themes and/or blog titles.

Do this and you will save time and have better and more interesting blog posts. Planning ahead also gives you the chance to collect and collate information and gather images to add to your blogs.

If your business is seasonal or has seasonal elements you have a heads up on other businesses. Blog about seasonal products, seasonal foods or about holidays and special breaks that fit with the seasons. Do this and make good use of 'early summer' and 'late autumn' etc.
Other things to include in your blog calendar:

  • Product launches
  • The story of product ranges and why you are selling this range
  • Recipes ideas
  • Holiday advice
  • 'How to advice'
  • Reviews
  • Theme around existing or planned marketing campaigns

Service businesses find it more difficult to use seasonal and monthly themes. Instead write blog posts around notable dates in your industry, about conferences and expos. What questions are your customers asking you that you can address in a blog post. What is featuring in your trade magazines?

Blogs are generally, in the same way as web pages, read quite quickly, so stick to one theme for your blog and use bullet points. Don't be tempted to cover too much in your blog posts. Most blogs can be broken down into more than one piece. Add one idea or one theme to your monthly calendar and write several posts on the same topic.

Finally add images and a call to action and link to other related blogs. Then as always tweet and post your blog!

If you re interested in this you might want to read how to write a blog post.