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Created: Tue, Oct 22nd, 2013 - viewed 3919 times

October seems so cold and wet. After three weeks in Nevada and Arizona I shouldn't be surprised. For twenty-one days the temperature was way up in the eighties, even the mid-nineties when in Phoenix. We didn't see a cloud until the last but one day, and cloud all the way home.

We were lucky enough to visit many tourist attractions while staying in Las Vegas. That place is outrageous! We visited several of the main hotel/casinos and contributed some of our holiday money into the greedy jaws of the one-armed bandits. Never mind putting pennies and ten-pence pieces in machines in the amusement arcades at Bridlington. These places had machines for a dollar, five dollars and in some places fifty dollars a spin. Mind you, the rewards if you won on a fifty dollar machine were enormous. We didn't go mad, just enough to say we took on the might of the machines - and lost! After all, Las Vegas is built on losers' money.

We met friends with a car, and they took us to many tourist attractions: Grand Canyon (although we arrived there ten minutes before sunset), the Meteor Crater (one mile across), Tombstone (of Gun Fight at the OK Corral fame, where I saw the newspaper office which published the report of the gunfight), Nogales (half in Arizona, half in Mexico), the Titan Missile Museum, Butterfly Wonderland, the airfield for the Commemorative Air Force in Mesa (Phoenix), Clark County Museum (where we were warned to watch out for rattlesnakes in the grounds), the Mob Experience (where we were met with actors portraying the original villains of Las Vegas - that was fun!), a ride in the lift to the top of the Eiffel Tower (half-size, in Vegas), saw the fountains of Hotel Bellagio (great stuff!), and the volcano at The Mirage (amazing!). We even had a helicopter flight over the Hoover Dam.

We had a few days, too, at Laughlin on the Colorado. We had a two-hour fast boat ride down the river toe Lake Havasu City, where we crossed the London Bridge.

The picture below shows part of Las Vegas and the Excalibur Hotel (the fancy fairy-tale castle), New York New York Hotel and Casino (the Statue of Liberty of the New York skyline), and the end of the MGM Casino complex. The roads between these buildings are all three-lane carriageways in both directions. You cross the road by bridges.

The whole experience was amazing. Ask anyone who's been there.

I am in the process of uploading photographs for Panoramio, in the hope that they will appear on Google Earth (I have a lot of other photos there).

We saw so much over there, but we missed an awful lot, too. We'd like to go again.