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Created: Sat, Aug 17th, 2013 - viewed 4217 times

Great day for a writer! My name was mentioned in the Times. For me, that's an achievement. The article above appeared in the main section of the paper. I had been told by the author that it was due to appear, but I didn't imagine it would take so much space. I'm delighted that the letters from young Second Lieutenant T. B. D. Hough have reached a wider readership.

I had a stall at the railway station market today. Not much going on and I packed up at 2pm instead of 4pm. But I met a handful of interesting people and sold a copy of Bridlington Remembered.

Which is worse, the seagull menace or feral pigeons? Seagulls do have their place. They are scavengers, and do actually remove a lot of rubbish. This gull is feasting on what is probably a young pigeon. Which bird is worse in their behaviour? Gulls do at least eat a lot of what we - we humans - throw away. If we didn't throw food in the streets - oh yes, we do! - then the gulls would have to eat elsewhere. The dog fouling nuisance is a similar problem. We all complain, but those who could help don't. If some of us didn't allow our dogs to leave a mess, and some of us didn't just discard our rubbish, then neither problem would be so prevalent on the streets of Brid.