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Monitoring Marketing and Advertising for Success

A Bridlington.net Blog post by Ann Brown Summ It Up Marketing - Visit my Blog Page

Created: Thu, Oct 6th, 2016 - viewed 1634 times

How do you know which marketing and advertising is bringing in sales? Sales figures of course give some indication as they increase or fall. Monitoring if you are selling consumables is easier, but can be affected by influences such as seasonal variations in weather, changes in the economy and fashions. You need to make sure your marketing and advertising are hitting the spot and understand which is bringing in sales, enquiries and sign up's to your mailing list. Monitoring is the way to do this.

Understand the results of your campaigns and you can adjust your marketing for future campaigns. While it is easy to monitor web visitors, blog followers and Facebook likes what does this really tell you about the success or otherwise of your campaigns?

Simple solutions will give you more insight. Use your Google statistics to monitor the number of web site visits following the publication of ads, when you get PR coverage or following social media campaigns. Statistics will be more accurate if you direct visitors to specific pages of your web site in your ads or on media campaigns. Use this method to test out offers, launches, sales and new services. Compare month on month statistics following campaigns to gain a bigger picture of which information and offers are most popular.

Mailing opens and clicks through to your web site are also revealing. For social media, check out your most popular tweets using your Twitter statistics, the numbers responding to your tweets or re-tweeting and do the same with Facebook. All social media accounts have statistics for you to check. Use bit.ly which will not only shorten links to make social media posts easier but also to show your most popular posts over time and what your audience are interested in for future actiions.

One simple way to monitor response to ads and offers in mailings is to use a code which must be quoted when making an enquiry or buying. To monitor visitors to your shop, hotel or tourist venue simply ask your visitors how they found you and why they buy from you. Responses might be from ads, yell, or a Google search. But be aware each of these options can hide a multitude of variations. For example someone who has read an ad or a piece of PR may then go on to search for you on Google.

Make monitoring a fundamental part of your marketing and advertising and you will gain insights to improve future campaigns. As important you will gain control of your marketing putting you in control and enabling you to spot trends and understand what your customers like..