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Marketing Automation

A Blog post by Ann Brown Summ It Up Marketing - Visit my Blog Page

Created: Tue, Feb 23rd, 2016 - viewed 2645 times

Are you looking for ways to save time on marketing? Or do you feel social media is taking too much time? Then you need marketing automation, so you spend less time on marketing and more on money-making.

6 ways to automate your business

  1. Newsletters – if you use something like Mail Chimp or Constant Contact you can create templates for your mailings in any number of different styles. For welcome mailings, newsletter previews and regular mailings. Once created all you need to do is update them.
  2. It is easy to schedule social media tweets and posts ahead including accompanying images. Use Hootsuite for multiple social media pages or free Tweetdeck for Twitter. Your best plan is to schedule ahead for weeks and months and then add in extra tweets and posts with short term offers or news.
  3. If you use Pinterest you can also automate pins using Pingraphy to schedule your pins just as with your Tweets and Facebook updates. Pingraphy will help you find images to pin and allow you to edit them. You can also create an album of pins you like with link. Copy and paste the URL's into Notepad or Evernote for quick and easy access to the URL's. When you are ready navigate to the page with the image that you'd like to pin, from your saved link, click on the "Pingraphy" bookmarklet in your browser bar.
  4. If you work B2B set up project tables in Word or similar to keep your marketing and work moving along. Set up your ultimate outcome or goal for the project then break down into individual activities to add to a weekly or monthly calendar.
  5. If you work B2B set up instructions for clients that you can use again for new clients. I do these in the form of checklists, which I'm a great fan off. Include things like follow on Twitter, file contents and any reminders.
  6. It's easy to automate reminders for meetings and events in Outlook or Google calendars. You can also use them for reminders of client follow ups, or for times to send out offers and news.