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Making your Blog a Success

A Blog post by Ann Brown Summ It Up Marketing - Visit my Blog Page

Created: Mon, Apr 20th, 2015 - viewed 4941 times

Now you have spent time organising, researching and writing your blog you want it to be a success. A three pronged attack will help you achieve the success you deserve. Firstly optimise your blog in a similar way to optimising your web site. Second is the content of your blog, it must be of interest, be original and must be relevant for your audience. Thirdly make sure people see it your blog, in other words how to get it out there.

1. Optimise your blog
Add tags or labels, make them your most popular keywords and include your business name
Add images to your blog post and give them image specific tags

2. The content of your blogT
Add stats to your blog post people love them
Post with images to add interest and to make reading the text easier. If you work B2B use screen shots or text images that you can create in Canva

Keep the layout simple, bullet points, short paragraphs and numbered points

3. Getting your blog out there
Follow other blogs to get noticed and comment on them. This is easy to do with Word Press or Google blogger.
Add a subscribe to your blog and to your mailing list. Give anyone signing up an incentive such as a free advice article, an e book or a discount on a first purchase. Make sure you follow up sign ups quickly
Add a call to action. For example - sign up now, visit my web site for more free information, ring me for a free one hour consultation
E mail out blog posts that will be of information or will help existing clients or prospects
Make sure your blog is linked to your social media pages so it is posted out automatically when you publish the post
Post excerpts of your blog on Twitter and Facebook
Add your blogs to a specific Pinterest board with a link

Lastly one salesman I know takes out printed blog posts to prospects and includes them in new clients sale pack.