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A Blog post by Ann Brown Summ It Up Marketing - Visit my Blog Page

Created: Tue, Jan 27th, 2015 - viewed 4641 times

How many of your customers return and buy from you again? There is a lot of ongoing research into how loyalty works with shoppers. The results of this research show that today's shoppers are looking for and expect offers, promotions and special deals. Add online purchasing to the mix and generating loyalty and finding ways to encourage repeat buying becomes a bit of a mine field.

With so much competition on and offline it is very difficult to build a loyal following using a loyalty scheme when your competitors offer similar schemes. How will customers choose between you and your competitors? Loyalty applies to on and offline sales and in many ways encouraging loyalty is more difficult with online sales. How do you encourage your online customers to add your site to their favourites?
In essence it all boils down to customer service. This means giving your customers what they want and providing the best quality whether you are at the top or bottom end of your market. How can you do this for them?

First understand your( most valuable) customers and what they want. If you are selling online you can use follow up E mails to ask your customers about their buying experience. This has a dual effect of showing you care and also enabling you to find any flaws in your offers and marketing campaign.

If you sell through a shop or food outlet then you will see your customers face to face and have the chance to ask them. Use similar questions as your E mail marketing campaigns in return for a free coffee, voucher entry into a monthly prize draw or some other reward.

Use social media to promote short term offers and promotions and make sure you use the social media that your customers use. Don't forget to offer your promos in the real world too, not everyone is on social media. Evidence shows that promoting offers and interacting with your customers online can increase loyalty by 53% (CIM).

Whatever loyalty schemes you use and whatever promotions you offer make sure it is well thought out as any flaws will soon be found out by today's very savvy audiences. Make sure your staff are well versed in your offers for the same reasons.