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I'm back!

A Blog post by Mike Wilson - Visit my Blog Page

Created: Sun, Sep 8th, 2013 - viewed 3820 times

On 23rd August I lost my internet because the modem failed. The replacement arrived only yesterday. I've written to Tesco saying that I thought the service was less than satisfactory but I don't expect a reply. And I lost all my work on an external disk. Yes, I know I should back everything up, but we all get lazy about that. Anyway where would I store umpteen gigabytes of work and photos? It would cost a fortune wherever I went. That's why I have two external hard drives, one for work, one for photos.

One of the pleasures of summer is the sight of butterflies. These whispy creatures flit by our window and settle on these flowers quite often. I spent a happy few minutes trying to capture their elegance. There are lots of technical problems involved in capturing the correct butterfly image. Either the camera doesn't focus close enough, or the light is from the wrong angle and there's not enough of it to use a fast shutter speed and a small aperture to have as much depth of field as possible. However, the recent summer sun has allowed some decent butterfly images to be made.

This is an enlargement from the picture above.

One day I came across this gentleman waving his arms around in the middle of Quay Road. Out came the camera, and I found he was trying to herd two ducks back to safety. The ducks were determined to cross the road, ignorant of the dangers. After some time, the ducks were on the pavement, but seconds later they were making a break for it again.

I didn't see what happened as I had to be somewhere else.

I had to be in Scarborough on Friday last week and I waited for the Scarborough Flyer to arrive. It was hauled by Union of South Africa, a Gresley A4 Pacific express locomotive. It was great to see a 'Streak' in action but I must admit I didn't feel quite the same as I did when I was a trainspotter as a pimply schoolboy. I videod the train as it came towards the station and I was rewarded by the streak's chime from its whistle. Nothing sounds quite like that.